WiMax Device Price in Nepal Internet Service Cost

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WiMax Device Price in Nepal Internet Service Cost

WiMax Device Price in Nepal Internet Service Cost all information is available here. WiMax is the famous internet service in Nepal by Nepal Telecom. It is known as the fastest internet service in Nepal. Users need to know about various things about WiMax before purchasing it or using it. We have today brought the information about WiMax. We have information about ntc wimax setting, wimax selfcare and ntc wifi service. We are also providing you the review of ntc wimax. We will also provide the total charge you have to pay extra from the packages.

We find people asking about the ntc wimax unlimited plans a lot of times. We want to clear you that wimax currently only have volume based services.

WiMax has two options for the multiple users and single users.

For single users they have two dongols, One of 1KM power signals and which has cost of Rs 5135 including tax. Another is of 5KM Power singnals. It costs around Rs. 6828.

For multiple special device modem will be given which costs around Rs. 20000. It can be used by any numbers of users at a time.

Beside these there are other devices we need to buy.

USB Dongle : Rs. 2,310/-

USB Modem : Rs. 6,000/-

Indoor CPE : Rs. 12,216/

Outdoor CPE : Rs. 19,110/-

If you have any queries and questions regarding WiMax by Nepal Telecom feel free to leave a comment below or send us a email. We will try our best to help you.