What is FaceApp? How to use FaceApp

What is FaceApp? How to use FaceApp

What is FaceApp? How to use FaceApp, the latest trending social media photo app.

All the information regarding What is FaceApp? How to use FaceApp is available in this page. There are strange photos circulating in the social media of your friends. The funny, the older version, the girl version of your friends photos are trending in the social medias these days. The only reason is the most trending application named FaceApp. FaceApp is one of the latest trending phone of  this time.

FaceApp might be the application that you must download and you might love it though. The application is so capable that it can entirely change you photo look to anything. It has a ability to change the looks to any thing. They FaceApp also can create the hilarious photos of yours. It has a amazing feature that can change they photo of people by changing the gender, making them smile or angry. It can also increase the age of people and also decrease the age of people at the same time. It is easier to use and it can be used by the click of single key. The good news is that it is free application. But to use some of the extraordinary features we need to unlock the features by paying some amount to them.

How to Download FaceApp?

FaceApp can be easily downloaded in your smart phone. The iOS and Android both the  versions of application stores are updated with FaceApp. We can download directly from Apple App stre or Google Play Store easily. You also might need to enter password of other security details for downloading the phone in any other devices.

How to use FaceApp

FaceApp is also one of the photo editing application which lets us to use and edit the photos. You can also edit the old photo or you can take selfie or any photo and edit it successfully. You can select the photos from the home screen of FaceApp and you can add different options like, smile, smile 2, spark, old, young, female and male options to your photo.

What is FaceApp? How to use FaceApp