Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Search

Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Search

Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Search, Stoking a Rivalry

Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Search information is available here. Uber is the world wide transportation company. Uber is based on online network transportation organization based on San Francisco, California. It is operating totally based on internet and online marketing. It operates a Uber app which lets users to submit a trip request. After that the software sends notification to the nearest Uber driver with location and the service is provided. Uber is currently working in 66 countries and 545 cities worldwide.

The latest hot news about Uber is that Uber hired Amit Singhal from Google. It was a surprise news to all the Uber users and technology lovers. Amit Singhal is hired to build out the software and infrastructure in Uber. Uber being the most efficient and popular transportation company which is working in autonomous transportation system. We can say Uber has a very good role in future of transportation.

Amit Singhal has a very good job and history in Google. He played a key role in making Google’s place in this modern world. He worked for almost 15 years in Google. He also worked as the senior vice president for the search engine company. He now will hold a post of senior vice president for engineering as Uber. His main role will be to be working in the software and infrastructure department.

Let’s hope Amit Singhal helps Uber to newer level in coming years. And time will show how he will work for Uber and how will Google be without Amit Singhal.