Total Population of Nepal

Total Population of Nepal

Total Population of Nepal.

All the census and information about Total Population of Nepal is available here. There are many people (children, youths, adults, and old people) in our locality, surrounding and in country. These people are living in particular place for specific period of time. We can see some people are leaving, migrating and coming in our neighborhood. So, the number of individuals, living in a place in a certain time is termed as Population. In some place, the population has gradually increase and in some place population has gradually decresed. Such unbalanced population inside the same country is due to many factors like:- quality education, health, facilities, services etc. Because of such unequal facilities in Nepal, many people are migrating from one place to another or from one country to another.

The current population of Nepal is 29,141,124 as May , 2017. Nepal’s population is only o.39% of the world total population. The population density of Nepal is 204 per kilometer square.

Here is the population data of 2017 and historical Total Population of Nepal in the below table.

Year         Population
2017 29,187,037
2016 28,850,717
2015 28,513,700
2010 26,875,910
2005 25,506,847
2000 23,740,145
1995 21,390,905
1990 18,741,688
1985 16,714,335
1980 14,890,080
1975 13,313,487
1970 11,986,974
1965 10,905,006
1960 10,056,945
1955 9,290,174

As seen on above data the population of Nepal has increased on every 5 year. The total are covered by Nepal is 143,322 Km2 (55,337 sq. miles) as compared to its area the population is overcrowded in main cities of Nepal. The population of Nepal is composed of different age, sex, language, Religion, Caste, Occupation etc.