Richest people in Nepal 2018/2074

Top 5 richest people in Nepal

Top 5 richest people in Nepal

The list of top 5 richest people in Nepal is available here. Nepal is one of the developing country with GDP- Per capita averaged 387.08 USD. According to the census data in 2015 GDP- per capita has increased to 689.50 USD which is all time high record and in 1960 GDP has reached to 267.23 USD which is all time low record in the context of Nepal.
As because of their hard work and struggle few person of Nepal has reached their success. Here are top 5 billionaire’s in Nepal.
1.    Binod Chaudhary
Binod Chaudhary is owner and CEO of CG group in Nepal. He is the first billionaire in Nepal with estimated net worth $1.14 billion (as of April 4, 2016). He started his journey with Nightclub called Copper Floor in Kathmandu.

2.    UpendraMahato
UpendraMahato a no. businessman in Nepal whose net worth is in between
$250 million-1 billion. He is now living with his family in Russia but his nationality is Nepalese. He has completed his Ph.D and D. Sc. From international Academy of IT

3.    SheshGhale and JamunaGurung
Two duos person who is CEO and MD of famous Melborne institute of technology located at Melbourne, Australia. There’s net worth is above half a billion dollars.

4.    Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha is a Nepali citizen and Canadian software engineer whose net worth is about- $100 million.

5.    Balaram Chainrain
He is also a no. 1 businessman in Nepal and former owner of Portsmouth fooball club whose net worth is about $160 million dollar.

6. Rajendra Khetan

Note:- as per the latest data above person’s net worth can be different.