The Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR Review.

The Intel's Wigig Wireless VR Review.

The Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR Review.

The world of Virtual Reality is getting bigger day by day. Recently a new innovative VR technology is released. The device was the Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR. Here is the detail about the Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR Review. VR just released last year and now it is heading to the wireless technology. There are various mobile head sets available in the market. Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream are among the most popular VR sets. The Fallout 4 and Skyrim VR are the among the much advanced VR headsets till now.

The new Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR headset would be the new step towards the VR technology upgrade. The device is just announced at Computex and is being demoed on the E3 category show case.

The exact date of the release is yet to be announced, but the reports suggest it will be out in the first quarter of the next year, 2018. The demo has just been released on Computex and it has proved that HTC is doing good thing after doing collaboration with Inter and DisplayLink.

To talk about it’s physical appearance, it do not look like a device that can handle wireless VR. It has several wires  poking out. It sits right on the top of your head after wearing. It somehow looks like Oculus Santa Cruz prototype. It has black electrical tabel to keep the front portion safe from any physical injuries.

The VR set looks a bit smaller and has more weight than the other VRs. We can take it as a positive note that the decrease in size and increase in innovation a good sign.

The device is much more easier to transport. It is easier to take on your pocket. It also can be hanged on your belt like old school beeper. So the size of it makes it much easier to get transported. The built-in Wi-Fi is also another notable specification.

This is what we can say after seeing the demo version. We will provide you all the detail about The Intel’s Wigig Wireless VR Review after the original version is launched.