The best VR games of 2017

The best VR games of 2017

The best VR games of 2017

The VR lovers should love this information regarding The best VR games of 2017. Virtual Reality is moving faster in the technology field. The virtual reality technology is among the most loved new technology in world till now. Many technology companies are now investing in virtual reality devices since the market is going up. There has been competition between the top tech companies these days. The VR is used these days in watching movies, playing games and other purposes. The biggest names in the video game industries are now investing on Virtual Reality devices. They are doubling down on immersive, headset-based experiences.

The companies like Xbox One X and Sony are investing heavily in new Virtual Reality Technologies. The Xbox One X Virtual Reality device is equipped with 4K technology which will give new experiences in PlayStation Virtual Reality Games.

The new E3 VR gathering in Los Angeles is going to be held this month and everyone will get to see the another second generation of Virtual Reality. Intel is also bringing the virtual reality and eSports technologies together. They are ready to launch of Dawn’s Tron-esque sports sim Echo Arena.

Here is the list of the best VR games of 2017:

1. Farpoint
2. Fallout 4 VR:
3. RockBand VR
4. Lone Echo
5. The Mage’s Tale
6. Brass Tactics
7. Job Simulator
8. Eagle Flight
9. Everest VR
10. Minecraft VR