Tesla Motors New Driving Innovation Experience Review


Tesla Motors New Driving Innovation Experience Review

Tesla Motors New Driving Innovation Experience Review of the experienced car fanatic. Tesla Motor company are popular these days due to the electric cars they are building. Tesla Motors can be confirmed that they are taking the car technology to new level. Tesla motor company has announced that they will innovate the new motor cars in the best possible way they can. The latest announcement they made is that they will now manufacture cars which are equipped with new technology which can self drive as well. They are preparing for the hardware which are needed for full auto self driving capability. The new concept quite resembles with the self driving google car. Tesla motors claim that they are also building a autonomous  driving software. They are planning to deployment of Autopilot in the new models.

The Model 3 , which is the upcoming and most awaited car for electric vehicles lovers is rumored to be equipped with more sensors than previous models. The new and the innovative upgrade is the camera system. The car is rumored to be equipped with the 360 cameras. To create the 360 view there will be total of eight cameras in the vehicle around it. Previously there was just a camera fitted. The single camera system was behind the rear view mirror.

The close source from Tesla claimed that there will be no any new equipment added to the vehicle but only the upgrade in the technology. The ultrasound sensors around the car will have the range up to almost 500 meters.

The most important and biggest changes will be the replacement or upgrade of the Autopilot instead of which large number of signals will be used to create the real picture of the surrounding world.

Lets hope to see this new innovation in the world of technology.