Sony PlayStation VR v HTC Vive Which is Best ?

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Sony PlayStation VR v HTC Vive Which is Best ?


Sony PlayStation VR v HTC Vive Which is Best ? we’ll provide you the review today. Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive are the most searched and used gaming devices these days. These two devices are the most choices of  video game fanatics these days.

PS4 owners worldwide have received the VR accessory for Christam from PS4. The number of PS4 owners in worldwide is above of 50 million.

The PlayStation VR headset has futuristic flair which is very much cosmetic in view. It is built in such a way that the weight of the headset is distributed evenly around our head. But HTC’s design do not have this much concept. The comfort becomes more important for the headset users who uses the headset for long time. So the innovation along with sound quality and comfort should be the main choice of the user.

The PlayStation VR and Vive both can be used if we use glasses. Both require seperate earphones and Sony specially contains quick release button to make it more easier.

The notches for the glasses wearers on Vive and the adjustable quick release on PS VR is much easier and add more comfort. Vive can make you much sweatier since it is not temperature friendly if you are moving around. PS Vr is very much comfort in these cases.



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