Sony PlayStation VR Gets Gamers Hooked Review


Sony PlayStation VR Gets Gamers Hooked Review

Sony PlayStation VR Gets Gamers Hooked Review all the information is available here. Thursday, last week in the India Gaming Show Sony has announced the PlayStation VR headset. The price of the PlayStation VR headset is marked at INR 41,990. The headset will be available for sale from March onwards. The headset is so special and multipurpose and it can be easily used with PlayStation 4 gamine device.

In comparison with the latest virtual reality headset, the Sony PlayStation VR headset costs much less. The combined price of Sony PlayStation VR headset and PS 4 is less than that of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The PlayStation VR headset is so easy to use and wear. The weight of the device is 365 grams which is comfortable to use without any stress in the head. Even long term use of the PlayStation VR do not make us to feel discomfort. It is a great achievement and one of the best feature of Virtual Reality headset.
The cost and comfort of the Sony VR headset has made it a great device for present and future. The few of the gamers were also asked to give review and they gave was all great review about the Sony VR Headset.

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