Samsung Galaxy X Leaks Online.

Samsung Galaxy X Leaks Online

Samsung Galaxy X Leaks Online.

The new folding concept of phone Samsung Galaxy X Leaks Online this week. The smartphone has suddenly captured the attention of smartphone lovers. Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s president has promised that the folding touchscreen Samsung Galaxy X will be surely released in 2018.

There are the rumors that are circulating around internet that, Apple and LG are collaborating to build an iPhone with OLED display. It is rumored that they are already in the business to design the rigid flexible printed circuit board.

Apple are now in the serious path to design the smartphone with flexible portion and flexible display.

For this Apple are sure that they need OLED display. This time Apple are collaborating with LG for the flexible OLED display.

Previously Apple were in partnership with Samsung for OLED display. Samsung also supplied all the OLED panels in iPhone X.

iPhone with flexible display will be available in the market until 2020.

Samsung Galaxy X Folding phone is rumored to get launched on first quarter of 2018.

This is a good news that Smartphone are heading towards another step of innovation. Another exciting thing that the collision between apple and Samsung for the foldable smart phones.

The foldable smartphones can be taken as the big evolution in the tech industry. The smartphone experience will be to the whole new level.

Samsung is planning to give the shock news to all the manufacturers by releasing Foldable phone in early 2018 while Apple has much time to watch and evaluate the response of the users towards the foldable concept.

The name of the Foldable smartphone by Samsung is named as Samsung Galaxy X.

Lets see what innovations are we getting in the coming 2018. The model Samsung Galaxy X would be the most awaited phone till date. Lets hope everything works fine and this rumor turns into real news.