Samsung Galaxy S9 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets

Samsung Galaxy S9 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets

Samsung Galaxy S9 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets

All the details that you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S9 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets  is available here. Its been just days that Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been released. They phone is getting huge response from users. They phone is even claimed as the best ever smart phone of the century. The phone is now available in Nepal as well.

After the days of the release of Samsung Galaxy S9 the predictions and rumors for Samsung Galaxy S9 has arrived. It is a good fact that the smartphone companies and other companies start to think about the future. They do workout to make the future good and improve the technologies in future. It applies in every companies and business organization.

So the rumors about the new and future smartphones and their prediction make some sense. It is a good thing to the smartphone companies that their phone comes in the paper and it is obviously a good marketing profit for the companies as well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets The rumors regarding the Chipsets and processors to be used in the  Samsung Galaxy S9 are in the air. The guesses or rumors are being made that Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets but with some modifications. The fact is that the phone will not come in the first quarter of the 2018 since it will take huge time to manufacture the large number of the processors for Galaxy S9.

The rumors are the 2nd generation of the 10nm processor which is currently use is in the process of manufacture. Samsung is expecting the sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be grand till the end of this year. After the expected sell of Samsung Galaxy S8 the company will start work for the Galaxy S9.

So we can expect the next successor of the Samsung Galaxy mobile sets will use the second generation 10nm Qualcomm Chipsets in sure. The processor is surely to be Snapdragon 835.

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