Samsung Galaxy S8 GIF-Making Feature, How To Use?

Samsung Galaxy S8 GIF-Making Feature, How To Use?

Samsung Galaxy S8 GIF-Making Feature, How To Use?

The both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has the edge present in them. They edge panel is also present through where we can operate various features. The edge panels can be easily used with a single swipe. The swipe panel has the app shortcuts, tasks shortcuts and a contact panel as well.

Not only this Samsung Galaxy S8 has the a different and amazing feature. That is GIF making machine which is named as Smart Select.

Since there is a trend of GIF images these days in social medias, Samsung Galaxy S8 made easy for the GIF lovers. Now we can make the animated GIF images with just few taps.

Here we are providing you tips to add and use Smart Select tool.

Add Smart Smart Select Tool and use Samsung Galaxy S8 GIF-Making Feature.

  1. Go To Setting
  2. Go to Display
  3. Go to Edge Screen
  4. Select Edge Panels
  5. Tap the Smart Select Panel and enable it.

To use Smart Select for Samsung Galaxy S8 GIF-Making Feature, You just need to press Record.

If you have a video to convert into GIF here are the steps.

  1. Slide out the Edge panel
  2. Swipe the smart panel and find smart select
  3. Touch the red GIF button

Now you can capture and record what ever you want to record. The GIF capturing time is for 15 seconds. After you completed the recording you need to save for the future purpose. You should not use other screens while you are using the GIF feature in the Smart Select. Otherwise you might lose all the recordings and captures doing that.