Samsung 360 Round Camera Specification & Features

Samsung 360 Round Camera Specification & Features

Samsung 360 Round Camera Specification & Features

Samsung’s innovation in technology is turning up day by day. The new 360 round camera might be the one which uplift the whole scenario of 360 camera. Here we are today providing you the review information about Samsung 360 Round Camera Specification & Features.

The cost of the new 17 lenses camera is $10,500. The size of the Samsung 360 Round is somewhere equal to Roomba.

The 360 camera’s era is now supposed to be uplifted with the release of Samsung 360 round. The 360 Round camera is powered by two pairs of eight lenses. The one is located in the center staring up.

The camera is reported to be good for capturing and live streaming 3D video and audio. The Samsung 360 Round is specially reported to be designed for creating VR content.

The Samsung 360 Round looks like Roomba and somehow like a drone.

The camera is also expected to help the VR technology as well. Samsung is doing great job in enhancing the VR technology and 360 technology.

Even though Samsung 360 cameras are operating since 2014, the innovation upgrade has been since just a addition of the new features and technology in the previous project “Project Beyond”.

The 360 Round is reported to be resistant to dust and water at a rating of IP65. The phone will be available for sale in US in the end of this month.

Here is the shortcut to the specification of the Samsung 360 Round.

The dimension of the Samsung 360 Round is 205 x 205 x 76.8mm. The camera has the weight of 1.93 kg. The 17 of the cameras are 2 megapixels with F1.8 aperture. There are total 8 microphones where 6 are internal and 2 are external ports. The video resoution of the device is up to 4,096×2,048 at 30fps per lens. The storage capacity of the phone is 40GB. It has RAM of 10GB. The external memory of the phone is 256GB. It has USB-C connector port with IP65 water and dust resistance.

Details about Samsung 360 Round Camera Specification & Features:

Release date October 2017
Dimensions 205 x 205 x 76.8mm, 1.93kg
Cameras 17 cameras at 2 megapixels, F1.8 aperture
Microphones 6 internal (spatial audio); 2 external ports
Internal Memory 10GB (LPDDR3); 40GB (eMMC)
External Memory 256GB (or up to 2TB on SSD)
Weight (g) 1.93 kgs
Video Resolution Up to 4,096×2,048 at 30fps per lens
Connectivity USB-C connector port
Additional features IP65 water and dust resistance