Review, Popular Features You Might Love

210 Review Review, Popular Features You Might Love Review, and all the Popular Features You Might Love are identified by us. We have done some detail study about good things of, a Nepalese community based social media site. And we have prepared the lists of features that might be helpful and that you might like. We always encourage the Nepali companies and projects that are trying to do good things to represent Nepal. Here we also appeal for all the Nepalese to join and use it. Lately, there is the investing option in the where public can invest in Sagoon and buy the share of Sagoon. But is is sad to say the Investing is not allowed from Nepal currently.

Here are the lists of features that you might love. Review

Create and Share Secret: This features let us to confess the secret events and facts about our life that no one knows. There are certain secrets which carry information about the society and which can change the society in some extent, so we need to share them. This is the main motto of the Secret feature of You do not need to reveal your identity for this feature.

Mood Talk: You can chat, share feelings with your families, friends with using emoticons and many crazy stickers. You can create the private chat and group chat as well.

My Day: My Day is the good way to enhance our daily life with balancing the activities we do. It helps to manage the tasks and activities we do in our daily life. This might be helpful to simplify and ease our daily if we use it wisely. Here are the more features of My Day below.

Multi Location Clock: Simply it lets you know the time of you current location and lets you know the time of any specific location you prefer. The specific location can be changed at any time.

Weather: The weather information by your nearest place can be easily accessed. The temperature of your location and any specific location you chose can be easily known. The location can be easily changed at any time as per your wish.

Schedule: This lets you to plan meetings, tasks and projects and share with your friends, family and co-workers about its schedule and program.

Share Calendar: This can be taken as the new thing in Sagoon that it lets to share our daily activities with three of your friends. Your friends should accept your invitation to use this feature. This lets your friends to see the schedule you created and you will also be able to see the schedule that they share.

To-Do List: To-Do list is more like the reminder alarm which lets you to keep the update notification of your projects, events and other things. This is a good feature which lets us to organize our events and daily tasks with time.

Reminder: If you have a busy schedule and it is hard you to remember the tasks you need to do in your daily life, than the reminder feature can act as the savior. You just need to set the reminder for particular day and time then you do not need to remember taking stress. The reminder option will notify you automatically in the specified time.