Investment Opportunity, Facts You Need To Know

237 Investment Investment Opportunity, Facts You Need To Know Investment Opportunity, Facts You Need To Know for the investment from all over the world. Sagoon is a new trending thing in the Nepalese people living in all over the world. The privately owned company which is based in Washington DC is specially based for Nepalese community. It is inspired by the features of social medias which are currently running in the world, i.e facebook, twitter, instagram etc. has a motto of providing a new platform for the web search in the combination of the web index, content based best methods along with organized results. Sagoon has the meaning of ‘good luck’ which is their main theme and are all ready to make the luck of people good with the help of their platform. Sagoon has designed the layout which is much friendly interface, which also provides the search topics and the most matching and good results. has now announced the investment opportunity for the interested investors all over the world. (Sagoon was started by the group of Nepali immigrants in United States.)

Sagoon was trying to make something difference in the monotonous social media platforms, so they introduced the investing option to the users and share the profit with them as well. Govinda Giri, who is the founder of the Sagoon thanked the US JOBS Act, which helped them to introduce the investing option for the users who are passionate about investing in Sagoon. Investment Opportunity, Facts You Need To Know

Here we are providing the facts you need to know about the Sagoon Investment (Mini-IPO).

Note: The investment in is not allowed from Nepal currently since the legal terms with Nepal Government are yet to settle.

The minimum investment amount of the share is :$299
The price per share is :$23/share
You should at least purchase :13 unit of shares
The legal counsel are :Sara Hanks

The escrow service will be provided by :Provident Trust Group
The transfer Agent associated with is :FundAmerica Stock Transfer
The financial auditor associated to :Craig Denlinger
The back-end processing will be done by :FundAmerica

It can be considered as the good step and new thing that is trying. The social commerce platform for the users enables the crowdfunding with the help fo BankRoll. The amount that is raised is reported to be used in the site to expand to the new features and make the platform more advanced.

Currently Sagoon features the applications for the users like, “My Day” which helps for the daily task manager, a chat room named as “Mood Talk” and a secret sharing application named as “Open Secrets”. The emoticons and stickers are also enabled in

Sagoon is also going to introduce the Social Smart Card in near future. Let’s hope the Nepalese invested progresses and makes the Nepal proud worldwide.

If you have any queries and questions about the investment in then you can leave us a comment in the comment box below. We will do as much as we can to solve your queries.