Royal Enfield Classic 500 Green Fly Custom Bike


Royal Enfield Classic 500 Green Fly Custom Bike

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Green Fly Custom Bike has been unveiled. Its design is almost all similar to the older versions of Royal Enfield and is closely related to Classic 500. The frame of the Green Fly is copied from the Continental GT.

The Green Fly motor bike was for the Wheels and Waves  event in France which held in 2016 in France. The frame of continental GT is used since it is easier to modify. This is claimed to be the first official custom bike from Royal Enfield Spain. Jesus De Juan said that it was difficult and is a great challenge for the Royal Enfield Spain to modify the Royal Enfield made in India.

Jesus was among the one of bike modifier who was invited for Oldies but Goldies meeting organized by Revival of the Machine. All the famous bike modifiers around the world were invited there. Jusus De Juan said that he picked up the Continental GT because it was easier to modify it for off road and on road concept. The frame of continental GT also contains the air filter and battery box which are easily eliminated and added. The dual rear suspension was removed and it was replaced by the mono shock in the left.

The seat lies in the start of the rear wheel and the front part has the upside down forks. The painting was done by skilled painting since it was hard to give the best color to the metal fuel tank. The wheels are equipped with large knobby tires with 140mm diameter for the front and 150mm diameter for the rear section.

It is yet to see how long will it take for the custom bike to be made available for the public. Here are some of the pictorial view of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Green Fly Custom Bike.