Petrol Price in Nepal

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Petrol Price in Nepal

Petrol price in Nepal is now flexible with the international market rate. The price in Nepal increases or decreases with the international change in rate. If the dollar rate increases than petrol price increases and with the decrease in petrol price the petrol price decreases.

Since the dollar rate has increased, the Petrol price has been hiked by 5 rupees. The 5 rupees addition in the petrol price will hamper the lifestyle of Nepalese rupees. Few years ago Nepalese people used to pay 40-45 rupees for petrol. And the price in now hiked after the party took over the country.

New Update: Now the petrol price in 97 rupees per liter. The petrol price reached up to 135 rupees per liter in the previous months. Due to decrease in the dollar rate.

The above price in based and is as stated by Nepal Oil Corporation. We will inform you about all the increase and decrease in Oil of Nepal.