Only 18 apartment in Kathmandu Are Safe After Earthquake.

Only 18 apartment in Kathmandu Are Safe After Earthquake.

Only 18 apartment in Kathmandu Are Safe After Earthquake.

A report says that Only 18 apartment in Kathmandu Are Safe After Earthquake in Nepal. There are total of 51 high-rise apartments in Kathmandu Valley. All of them were highly affected by the 7.8 magnitude of earthquake of April 25 in the year 2015. All the apartments were hampered and a survey says that only 18 of all the 51 apartments in Kathmandu are safe for living.

The apartments were given the red flag sticker before and after detail investigations the 18 apartments are now given the tag as safe apartments. The safe and clearance certificates are given by Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) Division Office Kathmandu.

Before giving the clearance certificates were given after the number of tests. All the tests were done by the quality of engineers and property developers in combined. The cross check of the data were also done to finalize the decisions for the apartments.

There is no any news about what they will do with the remaining 33 buildings. There is also not a particular decision regarding the 33 apartments whether they should retrofit the building and use of they should be completely demolished?

The decision regarding the remaining 33 buildings is yet to be confirmed. The buildings were categorized as the red, yellow and green colors. Where the buildings receiving red sign were completely unsafe for living, they yellow marked buildings had to do repair before using them, and the green labelled buildings were termed as the buildings which were safe for living.

Until this time the two apartments are marked as the completely unsafe for living. The two apartments are Park View Horizon in Basundhara and Oriental Apartment Phase II in Kuleshowor.