OnePlus 5T Specification Leaks Online

OnePlus 5T Specification Leaks Online

OnePlus 5T Specification Leaks Online

One of the most awaited phones of this year has leaked online. The leaked information about  OnePlus 5T Specification are available here. The phone has a looks some how inspired by Samsung Galaxy S8. The previous release OnePlus 5 is also reported to be out of the stock in many places in world right now. The demand of the device is increasing day by day according to the reports. So the news about OnePlus 5T which is upcoming is emerging day by day and has been leaked in Weibo.

OnePlus 5T renders leak, pairing rear fingerprint sensor with Galaxy S8 design. The leaked information suggest that the noticeable changes the new OnePlus 5T will feature are fingerprint sensor at the rear of the phone. The bezels are much thinner on the display side. The screen seems to have edge to edge screen. The phone OnePlus 5T almost looks like iPhone 7 from the back, while the front part is supposed to be resemble of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The display is rumored to be 6 inch display with 8:9 aspect ratio for the phone OnePlus 5T. The specification of the phone are rumored to be almost same as OnePlus 5.

There has been rumors that the leaks about upcoming OnePlus 6 are also spreading in the market. The OnePlus 5T and 6 are being launched at the start of the next year.

What ever be the designs of the two devices, the devices should be designed which should not disappoint the users of OnePlus 5. The increasing demand of OnePlus 5 is giving pressure whether to reproduce OnepPlus 5 or to give new phone with same specifications.

The good news about the OnePlus lovers is, OnePlus 5T will be announced with in few weeks and will be available for sale from start of the next year.