NTC Sapati Nepal Telecom How to activate NTC Loan?

NTC Sapati Nepal Telecom How to activate NTC Loan

NTC Sapati Nepal Telecom How to activate NTC Loan?

NTC Sapati Nepal Telecom How to activate NTC Loan? All the information is available here. Ncell is already giving loan scheme to its users. Where users can get loan of 20 rupees and will have to pay 22 rupees in the next recharge. Now Nepal telecom has also started the same Sapati service called NTC Loan. It is a easy way for the users to user NTC fone as credit. If you are in emergency and you have no balance in the sim card to make further call. You can then borrow money form NTC at that case.

This can be called a new innovation of Nepal Telecom. There is huge competition these days between the telecommunication companies in Nepal which makes each other to make new innovation in the services. Though NCELL customers are paying 2.51 Nrs for 20 Nrs sapati. NTC is supposed to make the sapati cost lower than NCELL.

Recently NTC Sapati was announced by Kamini Raj Bhandari during her speech. Then the new circulated in the social medias and is a most awaited service for the NTC users.

In the case of emergency, the loan system is very much beneficial. We should be happy and thankful to Nepal Telecom for announcing such a useful service. Sometimes cases are different we might me out of reach of recharge cards, or our phone balance is zero but we need to make a call. In such case the loan system helps hugely. The sapati then available can be used as the normal balance.

How to activate NTC Sapati?

Nepal Telecom has just announced the service. And the service is yet to come into play. We will certainly inform you as soon as it is launched officially.