NTC Fiber To Home, How To Connect

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NTC Fiber To Home, How To Connect

All the information regarding the NTC Fiber To Home is available here. Almost all the private Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal are equipped with the fastest and latest technologies for Internet. They are all equipped with high quality fiber internet. But only National ISP of Nepal, Nepal Telecom is relying on the same old technology. But there is a good news about NTC lovers. That Nepal Telecom (NTC) has also installed Fiber Internet to its service. Nepal Telecom has introduced Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

NTC Fiber To Home, How To Connect

The Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service of Nepal telecom include the best and latest features like:

  • Long term use and more efficient internet.
  • Internet Service and voice service through single fiber.
  • Triple Play service.

How To Subscribe To NTC Fiber To Home?

You need to go to Nepal Telecom Sundhara Branch in Kathmandu and specific place in other places . You will be provided form from a FTTH service counter. You should fill the form with every details they ask for. You can download the form at www.ntc.net.nt/downloads as well. You need to print the form and fill up the form and submit via internet or visit FTTH service counter in any Nepal Telecom office.

After you register your name then the process carried out by Nepal Telecom are as follows:

  • Site Survey and location is visited by NT representatives and the condition of the FTTH to get installed is studied.
  • If site is OK then the site visitors will install FTTH cable and router to your location. The distribution points are also fixed at this stage.
  • The Fiber installation, CPE installation and configuration is also carried by NTC then after.
  • The after you will get Username and Password for login and you will be able to surf the internet.