NTC 4G Information Packages How To Activate?

NTC Sapati Nepal Telecom How to activate NTC Loan

Only available in Kathmandu and Pokhara and Postpaid Users.

NTC 4G Information Packages How To Activate? Don’t worry detail information is available here. The latest technology in terms of telecommunication is in Nepal now. Country’s biggest telecommunication company  Nepal Telecom is introducing 4G/LTE to its GSM mobile subscribers for the first time in Nepal. The 4G LTE networks is supposed to be the testing version and will be available in limited cities and at an affordable cost.
Now Internet users should be happy that they will be able to surf faster internet at the same cost.

Nepal Telecom is claiming now users can surf internet at 30 Mbps speed in 4G/ LTE.

The free promotional package can be activated as follows:

Dial *400# For Activation.

Offer Free 4GB Data.

Validity  4 Days

1st Jan-31st Jan daily 1GB Data.

Points To Know About NTC 4G/LTE:

  1. The network coverage has been limited to the Kathmandu and Pokhara in the initial phase. In near future the network will be available throughout the country. In other parts of country now only 3G and  2G networks can be used.
  2. Only Available in Postpaid network for limited time only.
  3. To use 4G/LTE service, your mobile device must be compatible to support 4G/LTE . The older version of SIM card will not work for 4G. So you will need to replace it with new 4G enabled SIM. The new SIM is called Universal SIM i.e. U-SIM.
  4. There is no service activation fee for 4G/LTE. And the internet usage charges will be same as the 3G network. If you have any confusions and queries you can contact Nepal Telecom costumer care center.

NTC 4G Information Packages How To Activate?


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