New Nepali 100 Rupees Note with Gautam Buddha

New Nepali 100 Rupees Note with Gautam Buddha

New Nepali 100 Rupees Note with Gautam Buddha

Nepal Rastra Bank is planning to introduce a new 100 rupees Nepali currency with the picture of Gautam Buddha. Nepal Rastra Bank already has released the note of 100 rupees with the picture of Mount Everest. The new note consists of the picture of Mount Everest on the left side and Ashok Pillar on the middle. Below the Ashoka pillar The Birth Place of Lord Buddha is written.

It was the demand of all Nepalese to print Nepalese note with Gautam Buddha in it. And Nepal Rastra Bank took step in favour of Nepalese citizens. This currency note will give a message as “Lord Buddha and Mount Everest are symbolized as a gift of Nepal.”

Government has also stated that the picture of Buddha and Mount Everest are just to give message to the world about the misconception of location of Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha.

The new currency will take into market from Next months. The note in detail can be described as on the left side Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), Map of Nepal is located in the middle and Ashoka Pillar is in the left side . The text ” Lumbini the birth place of lord Buddha” is located just below the Ashoka Pillar.

Nepal Rastriya Bank have also announced that from next year, all the other notes will also be edited ad Lord Buddha will be added to other notes from next year.

This is the first time that the Buddha’s birthplace is included in any Nepalese rupees.

Since there are various rumors and mis-guiding information about Lord Buddha in the world it is a very good step that Nepal Rastriya Bank had taken this initiation to inform the whole world about the information about Lord Buddha’s birth place.