Nepal Local Election Live Updates Phase II

Nepal Local Election Live Updates Phase II

Nepal Local Election Live Updates Phase II

Nepal’s 1st local election is ruining and was separated into two phases. So 1st phase of election is just finished and the vote counts is also running in some parts of the country. The 1st phase of the election occured on 31 Baisakh i.e 18 May. The local election occured for the first time in 20 years. We are providing you all the details about Nepal Local Election Live Updates Phase II. The first phase of election occured with 73 percent successful voting.

You can catch out the live results and voting count updates about Nepal Local Election Live Updates Phase II in this page. The phase one election was held in states 3,4 and 6. The UML is in the leading position from the first phase of election. They are leading with 124 seats in Mayer where as Nepali Congress are in second position with 104 seats in Mayer. Maoist is in third position with 46 seats in the election. 7 seats are occupied by other minor parties and free candidates. The four metropolitan cities, one sub metropolis, 92 municipalities and 186 village councils were involved in the first phase of election.

The second phase of election will occur in the 1,3,5 ad 7 states. The second phase election was previously supposed to occur on 31 Jestha, i.e exactly one months of first phase election while the 2nd phase election is now postponed to 9th of June which is 9 days later than the previous set date. Election Commission of Nepal is saying it is hard to postpone any election and add any local levels. If added the date must be postponed to prepare the new places for the election.

Nepal promulgated the constitution on 2015 and are struggling to implement throughout the nation. The regional parties of Terai are also supposed to take part in the local election after the date is postponed.

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