Nepal Airlines Job Vacancy Announcement

Nepal Airlines Job Vacancy Announcement

Nepal Airlines Job Vacancy Announcement

Nepal Airlines is the first airlines company of Nepal which is now a Governmental organization.

Nepal Airlines are now giving jobs to the 1000 workers and providing services. Every qualified candidate is always in the search of Vacancy in Nepal Airlines . This year also Nepal Airlines is opening the vacancies for the various posts as listed as below. These posts need the numbers of officials as follows, Administration -2 General Technical 60 crew Technical- 7 pilot.

New update:

The Nepal Airlines started in 1950 by the name of Royal Nepal Airlines. Initially there were few aircraft from India those were giving services in Nepal. The airport used then was Sano Gaucharan land which is located in Gyaneshwor Kathmandu. First aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) was incorporated in 1958 by Royal family of Nepal.

Important notice by Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines has stated that any official appointments or recruitment can be done only through Human Resource Department of Nepal Airlines Corporation. It also warns not to believe advertisement from other any organizations. So anyone can simply visit official website of Nepal Airlines for more information about any activities of Nepal Airlines.