NEA Vacancy Nepal Electricity Authority Vacancy

NEA Vacancy Nepal Electricity Authority Vacancy

NEA Vacancy Nepal Electricity Authority Vacancy for 1699 people

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced the vacancy in different posts. NEA is welcoming applications for 3 level to 10 level posts.

NEA Vacancy for Technical Field

You can submit application from Biratnagar, Hetauda, Janakpur, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Nepalgunj, Atteria.

Application Fee for NEA vacancy
Level 5: 625 Level 4: 525 Level 3: 425 Level 10: 1550: Level 8: 1050 Level 7: 950

If you need more information on NEA vacancy, you can visit on official website of NEA.

Syllabus – Recruitment

S.N. Heading Notice Description Status
1 Assistant Manager Survey (Level-8) – Officer Assistant Manager Survey (Level-8) – Officer New
2 Meter Reader (Level-3, नयाँ) Clerk Meter Reader (Level – 3) New
3 Driver (Level-3, नयाँ) Driver (Level-3) New
4 Foreman Driver (Level-4, नयाँ) Foreman Driver (Level-4) New
5 Senior Meter Reader/Office Assistant (Level-4, नयाँ) Senior Meter Reader/Office Assistant (Level-4, नयाँ) New
6 Senior Heavy Equipment Operator, Driver (Level-5, नयाँ) Senior Heavy Equipment Operator, Driver (Level-5) New
7 Account Officer (Level-7, नयाँ) Account Officer (Level-7) – Officer NEW New
8 Administrative Officer (Level-7, नयाँ) Administrative Officer (Level-7) – Officer New
9 तथ्याड्ढशास्त्री – ७ तथ्याड्ढशास्त्री तह-७ (Statistics Officer) New
10 Electronics Engineer (Level-7) Electronics Engineer (Level-7) – Officer New
11 वातावरणविद् (Level-7) वातावरणविद् (Environment) Level-7 New
12 Geologist (Level-7) जियालेजिष्ट/जियोफिजिसिष्ट(Level-7) – Officer New
13 Sociologist (Level-7, नयाँ) समाजशास्त्री /Sociologist (Level-7) – Officer New
14 Economist (Level-7, नयाँ) अर्थशास्त्री (Level-7) New
15 Assistant Director – Account (Level-8, नयाँ) Assistant Director – Account (Level-8) New
16 Assistant Director – Administration (Level-8) Assistant Director – Administration (Level-8) – Officer New
17 Deputy Director Account (Level-9,नयाँ) Deputy Director Account (Level-9) – Officer New
18 Deputy Director Administration (Level-9) Deputy Director Administration (Level-9) – Officer New
19 Deputy Manager Civil (Level-9,नयाँ) Deputy Manager Civil (Level-9) – Officer New
20 Deputy Manager Electrical (Level-9, नयाँ) Deputy Manager Electrical (Level-9) – Officer New
21 Joint Director Administration (Level-10) Joint Director Administration (Level-10) – Officer New
22 Manager Civil (Level-10, नयाँ) Manager Civil (Level-10) – Officer New
23 Manager Electrical (Level-10, नयाँ) Manager Electrical (Level-10) – Officer New
24 Chartered Accountant (Level-8, नयाँ) Chartered Accountant-8(Level-8) New
25 Electrician (Level-3, नयाँ) Electrician (Level-3) New
26 Assistant Accountant (Level-4, नयाँ) Assistant Accountant (Level-4) New
27 Foreman Civil (Level-4, नयाँ) Foreman Civil (Level-4) New
28 Foreman Electrical (Level-4, नयाँ) Foreman Electrical (Level-4) New
29 Accountant (Level-5, नयाँ) Accountant (Level-5) New
30 Administration (Level-5, नयाँ) Administration (Level-5) New
31 Supervisor Civil (Level-5, नयाँ) Supervisor Civil (Level-5) New
32 Supervisor Electrical (Level-5, नयाँ) Supervisor Electrical (Level-5) New
33 Supervisor Mechanical (Level-5, नयाँ) Supervisor Mechanical (Level-5) New
34 Civil Engineer (Level-7, नयाँ) Civil Engineer (Level-7) – Officer New
35 Computer Engineer (Level-7, नयाँ) Computer Engineer (Level-7) – Officer New
36 Electrical Engineer (Level-7,नयाँ) Electrical Engineer (Level-7) – Officer New
37 Law Officer (Level-7,नयाँ) Law Officer (Level-7) – Officer New
38 Mechanical Engineer (Level-7, नयाँ) Mechanical Engineer (Level-7) – Officer New
39 Survey Officer (Level-7, नयाँ) Survey Officer (Level-7) – Officer New
40 Assistant Manager Civil (Level-8, नयाँ) Assistant Manager Civil (Level-8) – Officer New
41 Assistant Manager Electrical (Level-8,नयाँ) Assistant Manager Electrical (Level-8) – Officer New
42 Communication Equipment Operator (Level-4) Communication Equipment Operator (Level-4) New


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