How to make Free International Phone Calls From Nepal


How to make Free International Phone Calls From Nepal using Google’s Gmail Account?

How to make Free International Phone Calls From Nepal using Google’s Gmail Account? People are in always search of free services in their daily life. The people who spend a lot money in phone calls need much budget. Also the students who do not have much budget for  making calls are in the need of free calls. In Nepal there are a lot of queries regarding the free call apps in Nepal, the free viber 5 minute international call. People want to call their relatives or loved one from one country to another and talk a long time with less cost. People are searching for free call to Nepal from UAE, cheapest call rates in Nepal, free call to Nepal from iPhone etc. Today we are providing you a easiest way to make a call anywhere from your gmail account.

As Google is already providing the free international call in United States and Canada. The service is yet to be launched in the other parts of world. You might be happy to know that you can make free calls in other parts as well. If you use some tips and techniques you can get access to the Google’s phone service to another parts of world as well.

You need to have google chrome browser to do this. You have to use VPN services provided in the Google Chrome. You can install the VPN tool by going to the Add on section of Google Chrome browser. Now you can easily change your location according to our choice. We can now change the location to USA or Canada and use the free service provided by google.

Step By Step Instructions for Free Calling Tips All Over the World from gmail. 

  1. Go to setting of Chrome.
  2. Click extension
  4. Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’

After you finish using the service you can deactivate the HOLA application and use your PC as normal. Hope you will get to use the service easily. If you have any problems using this services and if you have any queries feel free to leave us a comment.