Loot 2 Full Movie Review

Loot 2 Full Movie Review

Loot 2 Full Movie Review: Must watch for youths, don’t listen to others.

Loot 2 Full Movie Review after we watched the movie carefully can he found here. After the huge success and a completely new story in movie ‘Loot’, ‘Loot 2’ is was highly expected among the ‘Loot’ lovers. The story of Haku Kale and his four partners was more than expected good in the movie ‘Loot’. In the movie Loot the main actor Haku Kale betrayed all his four partners after their successful bank robbery plan. We can expect the same story elaboration in the movie ‘Loot 2″. The movie released worldwide on Shiva Ratri i.e 1 week ago and is getting mixed reactions. Here we are providing the tentative full movie review of the movie.

The movie ‘Loot 2’ has the same story which elaborates the story from its sequel in 2012. The movie is gaining the reactions which are mixed. Some are saying more than expected and some are stating the movie is boring. We suggest you not to expect much from the movie as in Bollywood or Hollywood, but just be down to the Nepalese movie quality. The movie has been another milestone in the Nepali movie industry. The movie is more than that of the regular Nepali movies which is good. We can guarantee that the movie is much better than the latest Bollywood movies  and expect the movie will be loved by Bollywood movie viewers as well.

Loot 2 Full Movie Review

It is true that the pace of the first movie has not been achieved but it has its own capability to move the story on. The movie this time is based in more comedy and romance as well as some adventure.

To talk about the actors the movie has a very decent acting from all the actors involved in it. The Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) hype is same as before and the acting of Bipin Karki, Dayahang Rai, Sushil Raj Pandey, Pratik Raj Neupane and Karma Shakya is outstanding which holds the movie for the full time.

The direction, cinematography and dialogue delivery is very good and will continuously keep on entertaining the viewers. Non-stop laugh and curiosity is guaranteed. The story line is some how weak, which can be predicted if watched carefully. Some viewers say the end can be predicted before the end of the movie.
The dialogues and funny slang words used are epic which keeps on coming in our tongue on day to day basis.
We can just say this much. We recommend to watch the movie before listening to others since the movie has mixed reactions. So you might enjoy what others do not enjoy. We are sure the movie do not disappoint you.