Loksewa Model Questions, Loksewa Question Bank Nepal Part I

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Loksewa Model Questions, Loksewa Question Bank Nepal

Here are the Loksewa Model Questions, Loksewa Question Bank Nepal. We are today providing you the model questions of Loksewa for the Loksewa exam appearing students. Hope these questions will be helpful for you in full swing. Following are the complete list of important questions for Loksewa Model Questions.

  1. Whose saying is this, “Nation is the territory where one group does humiliation to another group of citizens”. The Answer is: Karl Marks
  2. Who is the current president of Lok Sewa Ayog? The answer is Umesh Mainali.
  3. Which is the sport that Deepak Bista is related to? The answer is Tekwando.
  4. Which is the nation, that gave the legal permission to the homo sexual marriage. The answer is Netherlands.
  5. Which is the oldest party of Nepal? The answer is Praja Parishad.
  6. What is the full form of P.T? The answer is Physical Training.
  7. What is cancer called in Nepali language? The answer is Aburd.
  8. What is the video x-ray of heart called? The answer is ECHO.
  9. Which district is the most developed district after Kathmandu in Nepal? The answer is Dhankuta.
  10. Who became king after winning the running race in Nepal? The answer is Drabya Shah.
  11. What is the new nation where Nepali worker can get working visa? The answer is Uzbekistan.
  12. Which country does EBOLA appeared at first? The answer is Guinea.
  13. Who won the miss world title in 2014? The answer is Rolini Straus.
  14. Which country didn’t participated in the 18th SAARC Summit? The answer is Mauritius.
  15. Which position do Nepal lies in the Global Hunger Index 2014? The answer is 44.