Live Results Local Election Nepal 2074, 1st Phase


Local Election Nepal 2074, 1st Phase.

This is the election of the states number 6,4 and 3. Now UML is leading in both Mayer and deputy Mayer.  Please visit this page for further latest news. All the information regarding Live Results Local Election Nepal 2074, 1st Phase is available here.

We are also updating the most anticipated voting competition of Chitwan, Kathmandu and Pokhara. There is a tough competition between Devi Gyawali of UML and Renu Dahal Maobadi Kendra in Chitwan. Renu Dahal is representation of both Maobadi Kendra and Nepali Congress. Devi Gyawali of UML is leading with 2502 votes and Renu Dahal is following with 1659 votes. There are tons of votes to be counted yet.

Like wise in Kathmandu UML is leading the race of Mayer. Bidhya Sundar Shakya of UML is leading with 1083 votes while Raju Raj Joshi of Nepali Congress is following with 740 votes. The youth candidate Ranju Darsana seems to be supported by huge number of youths. Ranju is in the third position with 501 votes while Kishor Thapa of Sajha Party is in the fourth position with 203 votes. Previously Sajha Party and Bibeksil party denied to unite for the Mayer of Kathmandu and it seems they are suffering from that decision. If Ranju Darsana and Kishor Thapa had united they could have won Mayer and Deputy Mayer of Kathmandu. Follow this page for the latest updates.


Maobadi Kendra



Nepali Congress



Won: 35

Leading: 1

 Won: 72

Leading: 23

Won: 72

Leading: 16

Won: 1


Deputy Mayer

Won: 25


Won: 82


Won: 50


Won: 8


Here is the Live Vote Counting Result Of Four Metropolitan cities.

Chitwan Mayer Live Vote Counts

SN Name Party Logo Gender Votes
1 Devi Gyawali UML Male 6800
2 Renu Dahal Maobadi Kendra Female 5089

Kathmandu Mayer Live Vote Counts

SN Name Party Logo Gender Votes
1 Raju Raj Joshi Nepali Congress Male 3022
2 Bidhya Sundhar Shakya UML Male 5337
3 Ranju Dharsana Bibeksil Nepali Female 2328
4 Kishor Thapa Sajha Party Male 1603

Pokhara Mayer Live Vote Counts

 1 Man Bahadur GC UML   7574
 2  Ramji Kunwar  Nepali Congress   7800

Lalitpur Mayer Live Vote Counts

 1  Chiri Babu Maharjan Nepali Congress   9432
 2  Hari Krishna Byenzankar UML    9278
 3  Ramesh Maharjan Ramesh Maharjan 4281
 4  Dinesh Maharjan  Dinesh Maharjan    1358