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ITEC/Colombo Plan Embassy Of India Nepal

The ITEC/Colombo Plan is the program of training which is provided to the employees of various fields. The ITEC/Colombo Plan is provided specially to the employees of Government of Nepal related to public or private sectors. This training program is mean to provide the much skill full qualities and help to develop and upgrade the various professional skills. The employees are mean to get much benefit from this training program. The training is short term program.

The eligibility of the candidates for ITEC/Colombo Plan are as follows:

The candidate should have the minimum educational criteria and experience as the specified in the training brochure. They should meet the basic and professional criteria.

The age of the applicants should be in between 25 and 45 years of age.

The candidates should be able to speak English and understand English as well since the course is based in English language.

Candidate should be medically fit and healthy to be eligible for the course.

A candidate is eligible only once, that means if any candidate have gone through ITEC course in past is not allowed to participate next time.

The selection process is the candidates are short listed from their academic record and performance. Then after the short-listed candidates are called for the interview from phone. The selected candidates are notified from phone and students are request not to call the Embassy of India for this issue.

The application should be filled online these days, previously applications were submitted manually. The procedure is explained in the official website of Embassy of India. You can find the procedure in the link below:

The eligible and interested candidates are requested to submit and fill the application at least two three months before the start of the course.