ISP In Nepal, Offers & Contact Details


ISP In Nepal, Offers & Contact Details

There are almost 40 plus ISP in Nepal if you are not aware about that. There are a lot of registered ISP in Nepal but many of them are in neutral state which are not operating yet. There are few ISP in Nepal who are known to people. Total of about 10 ISP are actively providing services to Nepali users. Here is the detail list and offers ISP are providing to the users.


NTC is providing ADSL and Wimax internet service all over Nepal. NTC can be said the biggest and oldest ISP provider of Nepal. After ALDS NTC is now providing the Fiber Internet as well. They are also providing the volume based ISP in Nepal. The internet service of NTC start from 192kbps which costs 900 rupees per months. There is a lot of complain about the speed of ADSL so they have started the volume based and Fiber internet now.  There is another option for NTC users that they can use Wimax Internet. Wimax is fastest internet that is provided by NTC. Wimax is a bit costlier than the other services from NTC. You can visit NTC website for the details about the packages which is suitable for you.


Worldlink is also one of the oldest ISP of Nepal. It was only option besides ADSL before and it can be said as the largest ISP of Nepal. It is also one of the most trusted internet service provider. Even though the service provided by it seems a bit expensive the internet speed and quality of this is good in comparison to others. World link also provided the wireless internet before but that is now replaced by Fiber internet.


Subisu entered in the Nepali ISP market through the cable Internet. They provided high quality internet with TV channels. They are also converted to Fiber internet now and they stopped giving cable internet to new users. They are now also giving Digital TV service to their Internet users.


Broadlink is one of the wireless ISPs of Nepal. They were operating in Kathmandu valley initially with the Wi-Fi internet. Various Wi-Fi booths were installed in various places through which users have to put username and password to get access to the internet. They are still operating in Valley and other big cities of Nepal.


We can say the most good ISP of Nepal in terms of customer care service. They are operating in Kathmandu, Hetauda, Butwal, Pokhara and other places of Nepal. They at first gave the wireless internet service. Now they have also converted all the services to Fiber. They are not giving IPTV service where users can watch high quality television channels.

Classic Tech

Classic Tech is another option for the people all over Nepal. It is currently available in eastern Nepal. It is available in Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar, Hetauda, Birgunj, Banepa, Chitwan and Butwal. It is providing both wireless and fiber networks for the users. It also can be a good option for the people living in these areas to use Internet for their home or offices.


Another loyal and versatile ISP is Vianet. Vianet is also new IPS in Nepal which only provides fiber internet. It is currently operating in Kathmandu Valley only. The good thing about vianet is it is currently almost available in every part of Kathmandu valley. It can be used from the remote places of Kirtipur to Thankot or Bhaktapur. It is a bit cheaper than other IPS of Nepal. They are also giving new year offers and referral offers to the users. You can contact and visit Vianet website to know more about packages for you.


ITEL is the latest IPS and newest ISP of Nepal. They are operating in the limited areas. They are operating since two years. They are giving services like Broadband Internet, Calling cards, Web hosting, Software solutions and Infranet till now. They offer ISP for the homes and working places. You can call in their toll free number which is 1660-01-00005 and know about the suitable packages for you.


Ncell is the oldest GPRS internet provider of Nepal. They are now giving internet service to all over Nepal through EDGE, GPRS and USB modem. The good part about NCELL is that they ara available in every corner of Nepal.

Pokhara Internet

Pokhara Internet is the new comer in the ISP service in Nepal. It is now giving internet service through optical fiber and wireless internet. It is providing cheapest internet in Pokhara. It is currently operating in Pokhara only. There is night and unlimited packages available.

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