iPhone 8 Price In Nepal, iPhone 8 To Be Released On 2017

iPhone 8 Price In Nepal

iPhone 8 Price In Nepal

iPhone 8 price in Nepal is not yet fixed in Nepal. This will be the 10 anniversary years of Apple in 2017. At the same occasion iPhone will be launching new phone iPhone 8. Apple users are always expecting some good specs from Apple in the new devices and products and we can thus expect Apple to bring iPhone with some good features and technology.

Everyone is claiming iPhone will now be boring after the monotonous software and operating system. But Apple is planning to make big change in the upcoming model of iPhone series. Apple is planning to make some big changes in the 10th anniversary of iPhone. Apple might make changes in charger and the charger might be wireless in next edition. Dual optical image stabilization is another feature that is to be included.

iPhone 8 Price, Specificatons & Features

iPhone 8 Price In Nepal

Everyone is saying that it would be very magical and miracle type of achievement if Apple can make the fifteen feet wireless charger. I guess everyone will be impressed with that achievement. Apple releases every iPhone series each year and iPhone is expected to be released on September 2017.

The capacity of the telephoto lens is expected to be improved and revamped for the optical zoom purpose.  The wireless charger works within the fifteen feet from the transmitter. The main benefit of wireless charger is that  you can use your mobile at your seat of bed while charging as well. And you do not need to get tied with the charger to use phone.