iPhone 8 Nepal release date, price and best features.

iPhone 8 Nepal release date, price and best features.

iPhone 8 Nepal release date, price and best features.

iPhone 8 Nepal release date, price and best features and all the details you need to know are available here. iPhone 8 has been launched by Apple on 9/13/2017. Two smart phones are launched by Apple. The two smartphones are iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The phones were launched in the major event in California, USA. Apple has also launched a new variant called iPhone X handset. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are just the successors of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. There are much upgrades in the current features of iPhone 7 and 7S. Initially there were predictions that the iPhone 8 will be completely new handset but it looks like just some features are upgraded in the new handset.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “Our intention has always to create something so magical, powerful, that the hardware virtually disappears”. He also said that there will be new step forward for iPhone that will set a different path for the technology for the next decade.

Here are the major features of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The available colors are, silver, space grey and new gold finish. According to Apple it has the most durable glass ever. The glass of the screen is both water and dust resistant. The display size in iPhone is 4.7 inches where as 8 Plus has 5.5 inches of display. The phones consists of stereo speakers with A11 bionic chip. The phone also consists of 12MP camera, 4K 60fps video recording quality. The new lighting features are present in both the phones.

The main innovation of the phone is Wireless charging. The pre-order of iPhone is in UK is available from September 15. The phone will be available within 1 week. Thought the phone sets are launched they are available on sale after September 22 only.
We can get the both phones in 64GB and 256GB variants. The price of phones are set as below:
iPhone 8: £699 for 64GB, £849 for 256GB
iPhone 8 Plus: £799 for 64GB, £949 for 256GB

Estimated price in Nepal:

iPhone 8: Rs. 1,04,000

iPhone 8 Plus: Rs. 1,18,000

iPhone 8 Nepal release date:  Iphone 8 will be available in Nepal for sale after November 1st week as per prediction. The price of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be around 1 lakh Nrs. Please stay tuned to our website for the actual price of IPhone 8 and 8 Plus in Nepal.

Here is the Key specification of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with estimated Price

Key Specification of iPhone 8: Key Specification of iPhone 8 Plus
Display: 4.70-inch Display: 5.50-inch
Processor: hexa-core Processor: hexa-core
Front Camera: 7-megapixel Front Camera: 7-megapixel
Rear Camera: 12-megapixel Rear Camera: 12-megapixel
Resolution: 750×1334 pixels Resolution: 1080×1920 pixels
OS: iOS 11 OS: iOS 11
Storage: 64GB Storage: 64GB

Estimated: Rs. 1,04,000

(not official)

Estimated: Rs. 1,18,000

(not official)