iPhone 8 activation.

iPhone 8 activation.

iPhone 8 activation.

If you are having queries about iPhone 8 activation here is the solution. We are recently getting lots of queries regarding the Apple iPhone 8 activation. This is also the one of the most asked questions in the Apple forums.
You can follow these steps to find out how actually we can do iPhone 8 activation by ourself from home.

Here are the detail steps:

  1. Close other apps in the computer.
  2. Open the iTunes app on computer.
  3. If you have the latest version it is ok. If prompted to update then it’s recommended to download and update.
  4. Don’t forget to connect the iPhone to the computer with USB cable.
  5. Press the Power button and turn on the iPhone.
  6. Verify your phone number and confirm your phone number then tap Next.
  7. Enter the Account PIN click Next. ( You Can See Account PIN FAQs For Additional Info).
  8. If your all process of activation is successful, proceed with step 8; if not, follow the same steps again or the screen options seen if any.
  9. From the phone, choose a Wi-Fi network, enter the credentials then tap Join.

Caution Caution Caution:

You have to make sure that your iPhone is turned off before proceeding. You are suggested to use Wi-Fi to avoid data charges. Since the process might use much data of your phone. You need to save your contacts and media from the original phone using iTunes of iCloud. You need to have the latest version of iTunes for better results. You need to activate your device on the cellular network before restoring the any contents. Press the power button and open your iPhone. You need to tap the screen to select the language & country or region.

If you face any problem and confusion regarding the steps above, then you can message us of leave a comment in the below post.