Internet Creator Robert Taylor dies at 85

Internet Creator Robert Taylor dies at 85

Internet Creator Robert Taylor dies at 85

Robert Taylor dies at 85. He was one of the senior and pioneer scientist who played a vital role for developing the computer and internet. Robert Taylor played a important role in creation of internet, personal computer and mouse. Robert played a leading role in creating the latest technology and the hardwares like modern computer.

Taylor was suffering from a Parkinson’s disease since long and he died Thursday in California. He was living with his family in Woodside, California.

Though many scientists and peoples have played roles in creating of Internet, Taylor has a very special contribution.

His creating and research for the internet started from his project. Once during his project he had to use three separate terminals to communicate with the researchers through incompatible computer systems. And he made a solution by creating a single computer network to link the various projects with another. The system of inter linking the various projects to one now has emerged as the internet.

Taylor then predicted that this network will be used by everyone in future and will be very much helpful for humanity and public.

Robert Taylor wrote this thing in a newspaper in 1968 which reads, “In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face”.

Robert Taylor in 1970 discovered and designed the pioneer personal computer which is known as Alto and was the first computer designed to support the operating system and graphical user interface. Robert’s team also developed the Ethernet and processing program named Bravo which was what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Robert Taylor also served as the project manager for NASA in 1961. Taylor retired in 1996 from his profession.