Hubble Telescope Captures Death Of A Star


Hubble Telescope Captures Death Of A Star

Hubble Telescope Captures Death Of A Star today’s detail news available here. The Hubble Space Telescope has been able to capture the pictorial death of Calabash Nebula. This is the amazing experience and picture that is the death of a small star like sun. The image is showing the star is transforming from red giant to a planetary nebula. During this process it gets destroyed and changes into outer layers of gas and dust in the space. The dust particles are exposed in the space with huge speed and pressure.

The Nebula is commonly called the Rotten Egg Nebula. The is given to it because it consists of a lot of sulphur which gives the smell like egg when mixed with another reactive elements. It lies in about 5,000 light years away from constellation of Puppis.

This is a rare achievement of the Astronomy and astrology. This is a big achievement because this process happens in the seconds or we can say a blink of an eye. So to capture this picture is one of the greatest achievement in the astrology.

The Hubble Space Telescope is the joint project of NASA and European Space Agency. The telescope was built and launched in 1990. This is also the biggest telescope in the space. Hubble Space Telescope is helping the astrologers and scientists for exploring the depth and deepest corners of universe as far as possible. Hubble Space Telescope is giving a lot of stunning pictures and images for its time period till now. The telescope is going to be replaced by the James Webb Telescope in 2018. The James Webb Telescope has the thrice larger lens than the Hubble Space Telescope.