HTC U11 Eyes with dual front cameras unveiled. 

HTC U11 Eyes with dual front cameras unveiled.

HTC U11 Eyes with dual front cameras unveiled.

HTC U11 Eyes with dual front cameras unveiled in Asian markets. HTC has unveiled the U11 Eyes phone. The special feature about the phone is it consists of front dual cameras with massive battery. The phone is currently available in Asian market only. And the customers outside Asia have to wait for some time to buy it.

The dual front cameras are designed for taking high quality of selfies. To talk about front cameras, the two front-facing 5-megapixel cameras feature HDR boost. It has the bokeh mode which which is helpful in adjusting the depth of field in photographs. The beauty mode present in the phone also creates the wonderful photographs.

As far as the processor is concerned, the phone consists of Snapdragon 652 processor. The display of the phone is huge 6 inch screen. The rear camera of the phone is equipped with 12 MP rear camera .Face unlock and edge sense are the extra specifications present in the phone. The edge sense allows us to launch apps, zoom in to maps and perform other functions by touching the edge part of the phone.

The battery capacity of the phone is massive with 3930 mAh battery. It has water and dust resistant. The device HTC U11 Eyes can be considered as the mid-range device with liquid-shiny design.

The camera is claimed to distinguish the real human face from photographs or video. The camera is claimed to recognize us even we are wearing sunglasses or a breathing mask.

The cost of the phone with 64 GB capacity is HK$ 3898 which is about $500.