How to install Adblock Plus on Android and use it?

How to install Adblock Plus on Android and use it

How to install Adblock Plus on Android and use it?

How to install Adblock Plus on Android and use it? now you have the solution here. The Google Adsense and other advertising networks might be very much beneficial for the publishers and advertisers. But they are some how irritating for the users of android applications. The application users are frequently asking tips and tricks how to stop these ads from their android phone. Today we are presenting you one of the famous method that is used worldwide for blocking the pop up ads in the android phones.The method is installing and using Adblock Plus in your smartphone.

There are a lot of questions coming in forums like, how to use adblock plus on android and how to disable it after using adblock on android. There are queries regarding how to install adblock on chrome and mozilla firefox but today we are only concerning the use in Android phone. We have prepared the steps for how to manage settings of Adblock in android phone , install it and use it effectively. Here are the detailed steps below.

First you need to allow the “Unknown Sources” install option. For this you should

follow the following steps:

1. Go to Settings in your smartphone.

2.You might have to go to Applications or Security according to the types of android phone you use.

3. You should search for the device administration or security tab and check “unknown sources.”

How to install Adblock Plus on Android and use it?

Now you are ready to install the Adblock Plus software:
1. You should go to the official AdBlock Plus website or any applications stores available in your android phone.
2. Download the application. Wait for few minutes until it completes.
3. After finishing download your installation should automatically start. If it do not starts click the APK file just downloaded from file manager and install it.

4. After the application is installed turn on the filtering feature.

In case if your Adblock Plus do not changes the proxy settings then we need to configure it by ourselves. Here are the steps how you can configure the proxy settings:

  1. Click the configure button and set the proxy to local host and port to 2020.
  2. Press the active Wi-Fi network for some time and click the modify network configuration option.
  3. Click and check Show advanced options.
  4. Choose manual proxy and type localhost and enter value 2020 for Port.

In this way you might be able to use the AdBlock Plus application and get rid of the pop up ads. If you have any queries and questions regarding this article feel free to leave us a comment of email. Thank you for your precious time.



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