How To Get Credit Cards in Nepal.

How To Get Credit Cards in Nepal.

How To Get Credit Cards in Nepal.

Are you worried about How To Get Credit Cards in Nepal? Here is the detail solution. Using International Master Card in Nepal is hard since the policies of Nepal Rastra Bank is not so much clear. We can say that the Nepal Rastra Bank is not much concerning for the Online payment gateways. It is obvious that there is lack of infrastructures in Nepal and there is not much use of Online Payment. Not much people are concerned about the online shopping and there are lack of e-commerce websites in Nepal. Regarding these things, there is hard to use the online payment options.

So getting credit card and any international master cards in Nepal is not such easy. So if you want to get the international credit card or any other international credit cards in Nepal, it is near to impossible.

How To Get Payoneer Master Cards in Nepal.

But good thing is that we have a option to use the international Master Card in Nepal. That is we can use Payoneer Master Card in Nepal in place to the other International Master cards. You might get amazed that we can use the Payoneer Master Card to withdraw money from Nepali ATM as well. But you have to pay some fee to withdraw money from ATM from Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal. You need to signup and register for the Payoneer Master card going to its official website. After you enter your shipping address with post box number you will be able to get the Payoneer card in your post box number easily.

Time To Get Credit Cards in Nepal.

There was a time when Payoneer card used to be shipped in Nepal for days more than 45 days, but now these days Payoneer card is shipped easily in Nepal within two weeks.

Along with Payoneer Card you will get a valid master card number and a US bank account which can be used to verify PayPal account and other sites.

Fees To Get Credit Cards in Nepal.

As far as the fees are concerned, Payoneer charge everyone of us with $29.95 every year. You will get $25 bonus if you register via the referral link of your partners or friends.

You will be charged $3.15 + 3% foreign transaction fee. It conclusion you need to pay around Nepalese rupees 400 for withdrawing from ATM in Nepal. You should also take a note that, you will be charged the fees as per the bank.

You can use PayPal withdraw, Freelancing and Card to Card transfer to upload balance in Payoneer card.