How to disable ads on Android apps & games ?

How to disable ads on Android apps

How to disable ads on Android apps & games ?

How to disable ads on Android apps & games ? Do not worry here is the solution. Since Android Phones has made every smartphone users easier for easily access of apps and games smart phone is being popular day by day. Though there is very good and entertaining part about android applications there is very bad side of this as well. The bad side about the android phone is the ads and pop ups that appear in the middle of game or application. There are many people who get really annoyed by these ads and want to hide them permanently. Today we are showing you the tips to remove these ads from your applications easily. We are seeing various questions regarding how to block ads on android phone, how to stop ads on android home screen. There are also a lot of queries regarding the ad blocker apps and software. The pop up on android application are the bad part of the applications users. Today we have prepared the tips and steps to help all the android users about how do i get rid of pop up ads on your phone. Here are the detail ideas and tips below:

1. Adblock Plus (ABP) and AdAway:

There a lot of ads blocking applications in the play store but among them two of them are much popular. They are Adblock Plus which is shortly known as ABP and AdAway. You can simply install one of these two applications and get rid of the pop up ads in your android phone. To install these two applications you need to allow the option called applications from unknown sources.

Note: Google has now stopped the Adblock since it is against google advertisement policy. So you need to download this application from other application stores popular in internet. You need the Android OS of 4.0 or above for this application. This method is a simple method and if you get confused in this method you can contact us or leave us a comment below. You can just browse the Youtube and get easier steps of Adblock Plus installing.

You can read the details about how to install Adblock Plus and use it here.


2. Using ‘hosts’ file to Block Ads:

In this method we need to use hosts file to block the pop up ads. This method blocks not only the ads of your phone but also all the ads that is shown in your phone. You should keep a note that you need to root your device to use this method.

Note: Hosts file is the plain-text file which is used to get the IP address of any websites by your browser before opening it. If the IP address is found and the mapping of website is successful then the website is opened.

Here are steps to how to use the hosts file:

  1. Open MVPS ( or on your browser.
  2. Plain-text file should appear. Save the page with specific name.
  3. Copy this file to your Android phone from computer.
  4. On your phone open the file and you might need to allow the super user permissions to the file manage.
  5. Change format by renaming to .txt or .bak extension.
  6. Now paste the files here.
  7. Reboot your phone.
  8. Your android phone is now pop up ads free.

Thanks for giving your time for reading this article. If  you have any queries and questions regarding this article and other information then feel free to leave a comment or email us.