How To Deactivate WhatsApp Account if Phone Lost


 How To Deactivate WhatsApp Account if Phone Lost

How To Deactivate WhatsApp Account if Phone Lost in depth information is available here. It is a important thing that if you lose your phone then you just not lose the phone but the information messages, photos, videos everything. There is a high chance of misuse your information. We should know that certain features like sim card locking are not enough to be safe from these kinds of activities. The whatsApp application is the main problem. This application can easily connect over the WiFi. If you have some important information available there then the stranger can easily see that. So we are providing you the information about the possible security measures we can take to be safe from that.

Some of the measures of How To Deactivate WhatsApp Account if Phone Lost are follows:

One trick is that you can call the Sim operator and block the sim card and you can also lock the phone with IMEI code if you have. Then you can buy a new mobile number with same number and new phone as well and install new whatsapp application and register you mobile number. Since one can use WhatsApp in a single phone, the lost phone do not have access to your whatsapp.

The second method is you can disable the whatsapp account temporary. For this you should send email request with your phone number and county code to the whatsapp support team.

Another way to close your WhatsApp session on your stolen device is to temporarily deactivate your account. To do this, send an email with your phone number, including your country code, to the WhatsApp support team.

This temporary disability can be done for just 30 days, if you have access to the lost phone or you buy the new phone you can again activate your account within 30 days.