How to Activate NTC 4G Service on Mobile NTC NCELL


How to Activate NTC 4G Service on Mobile NTC NCELL

How to Activate NTC 4G Service on Mobile NTC NCELL full information is available here. You might have heard in media that Nepal Telecom is launching 4G service in Nepal from start of 2017. We are providing you full information about the 4g sim in Nepal. We will also provide you 4g NTC data plan after it is announced.

4G  is commonly known as the Forth Generation.  Nepal telecom is going to launch 4G internet service in Nepal very soon at the start of 2017. It is also expected that NCell will also launch 4G internet service soon.  4G internet is famous and loved in another countries because very fast as compared to 3G. User can get fast internet in 4G  service after the activation on mobile set.

It is not explained in detail whether users need to just activate 4G service in mobile or they need to buy a 4G sim.  The 4G internet tariff plan and rates will be updated in our website as soon as Nepal Telecom announces the NTC 4G price and rates and all the details about package.

Nepal Telecom 4G Namaste Internet Service Charge and Rate | NTC 4G Internet Tariff Plan
We can wish and expect that the rates of 4G service will not be much that 3G service. We can also guess that the charges of 4G internet service in NTC SIM card to be 3G .

If you have any queries of NTC regarding the 4G internet service, mobile data plan, ymax internet service and other services then you should feel free to contact us. You can either send us email or leave the comment below. All other services offered by Nepal Telecome like Friends and Family (FNF) Service can be used with 4G Internet Service.