How Meditation Can Boost Your Sports Performance

How Meditation Can Boost Your Sports Performance

How Meditation Can Boost Your Sports Performance

How Meditation Can Boost Your Sports Performance all you need to know if you are a sports person. Energy is the key to the sports activities. So we need good and positive energy to complete our sports activities in proper way. There are various ways of getting energy in our body among them key factors are Food, breath, good sleep and meditation. The energy gained from meditation is much more that that of other sources. Scientists have proved in past that 20 minutes of  Meditation can give higher energy than the energy from 8 hours of sleep. Mediation in this modern world can be said as the most powerful technique to be stress free and anxiety free. It is very much helpful in restoring mental and physical health. Today we are presenting you all the yoga and meditation techniques which can be helpful for the quality sports life.

1) Yoga Positions: Various stretching and positions of Yoga gives more energy than regular physical exercise. The excess energy is released from the stretching process and the positive energy field is created inside the body.The mind also relaxes and become stress free this way. Surya Namaskar is one of the most popular Yoga position.

2) Pranayam: The Pranayam is basically the breathing technique which is very much helpful in activating brain and become stress free and boost the mood. It is directly associated with brain so it is much faster process to purify the brain with much amount of oxygen. This increases concentration, calmness and freshness.

3) Personal Space: You should create a personal and a comfortable space for the practice of mediation in the daily basis. There should be particular space where you meditate daily. Meditating daily in one place uplifts the atmospheric vibration of the place and in created positive energy through out our body and soul. You can add images and quotations in your environment which gives much motivation.

4) Practice: As we know practice makes a man perfect. You should not leave single day without meditation. Regular meditation is only effective. You should do meditation as you take food in the morning and evening. This means it must be your daily habit. Each day at least 20 minutes meditation should be practiced.

5) Meditation Mantra: Meditation has the main motto of being unconditional. At a state of your meditation journey you might reach in the state where you do not want anything, you feel like you are nothing and it might feel boring. But you should keep in mind that is just for some time. You should be calm and watch your thoughts and increase watching habits which helps you to create much calmness.

How Meditation Can Boost Your Sports Performance

6) Food Discipline: Sports person who are into meditation must be some how discipline in foods. There is a saying that “you are what you eat”. There are certain foods which are much helpful for stress relief, energy booster and anxiety remover. So you should add these foods in our daily life and say good bye to the alcohol, coffee and much meat. These foods increase anxiety , restlessness and alcohol even hamper the nerve and body co-ordination. So we should focus on fresh and natural foods.

7) Enjoy your practice: It is much important that you have to enjoy your meditation practice and daily life. You should build a habit of giving much time to meditation and much focus as well. Since it can bring huge positive changes in your life and daily life, you should practice meditation respectfully. At least you should be far from your cell phones, laptops and TV during meditation.

8) Don’t Give Up: There are certain phases in meditation and Yoga practices, that it feels so boring. So everyone feels boring in this situation and wants to give up from meditation. But fact is , you should not give up. Harvard University scientists have discovered that people who practice meditation daily for long term have much disease fighting genes in the body. And they also discovered that these genes are developed after your body has good relaxation which is only possible from meditation.

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