Google Planning To Launch Play Store In China

Google Chrome To Make Web Apps As Powerful As in Apps Store.

Google Planning To Launch Play Store In China

Google Planning To Launch Play Store In China with the few cutoffs in the features. The Android smartphones all around the world are mainly based on the Android application which are found in Google’s play store. Google’s Play Store has given life to many of the smartphones providing them facility to download the applications and use them.

Play Store is now running in almost all over the world except one country. In China Play Store is blocked since long time. But a news recently circulated around the internet that Google hasn’t gave up the plan to release and relaunch the google Play Store in China. Google is still planning to make play store available for the people in China.

The reports say that Google is making communications with the Chinese Internet Technology company, NetEase for the possible launch of Play Store in China in near future.
Lets see what deal makes them agree and release Play Store in China in mutual understanding. This partnerships of two company is expected to be much valuable for both in many ways. Google still needs to make some negotiations with Chinese government for uplifting the restrictions for making Play Store available for the Android users all around the world.

Previously the famous smartphone builder Apple also had the same issue and they later were able to launch the Apple Store. They made some changes as requested by Chinese Government and were able to release App Store and made available for the iOS users in China. Apple pulled the New York Times application from App Store in China. It is expected that Google has also to pull some features and applications in order to bypass the censors of the Chinese government. It is yet to see which application and features that Play Store has to pull out. Lets wish best of luck to Google for this issue.