Google Pixel 3 launch date, specs, and rumors.

Google Pixel 3 launch date, specs, and rumors.

Google Pixel 3 launch date, specs, and rumors.

Though there is no any official statement from Google about launch of Google Pixel 3, weGoogle Pixel 3 launch date, specs, and rumors. are giving you information about There are a lot of rumors running around the internet. Today we are providing you all the information regarding the rumors related to Google Pixel 3. There are various leaks and rumors out in the market now.

The new Google phones are rumored to have the code names, ‘crosshatch’, ‘albacore’, and ‘blue line’. The two mobile phones are said to be the premium phones with the last one the high-end mobile phone.

Google Pixel 3 Price:

The two phones are priced to be of lower price in comparison to other one. The mid range Google Pixel phones will be mainly focused for India, China and other price sensitive markets. The aim of the Google is to throw the phones in the emerging markets.

With the less price, we can clearly say that the Pixel 3 will have less strong hardware in comparison.

The new Pixel is reported to get launched on October this year to compete with a new Apple smartphone.

Google Pixel 3 Launch Date:

If the report Google will launch a mid-range version around August-July is true, it’s likely Google would introduce the entire new Pixel lineup at the same event.

The physical form of Google Pixel has not yet launched or leaked, so we cannot say how it will look like until some days.

Google has just acquire the HTC employees, so certain HTC employees are behind the manufacturing of the Pixel 3 design and its parts design.

Google will probably take notch route with Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 3 Specifications:

Google Pixel is reported to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor which is currently found in Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and other big phones this year. We can probably see the upgrades in RAM and storage capacities in the upcoming Pixel 3. Pixel 3 will probably use USB-C instead of headphone jack.

3D scanning will be the feature that the Pixel 3 lovers should cheer up. 3D scanning is already used in iPhone X, but it will be most probably used in Pixel 3 as well.