Google office in Nepal

Google Chrome To Make Web Apps As Powerful As in Apps Store.

Google office in Nepal is serving since many years and it has been a default search engine for Nepal. There might be confusion in the users of Google in Nepal regarding the its office in Nepal. People might find google office India but why not in Nepal. There has been many queries like when was google founded, software used in google office etc. There has been a lot of queries regarding the location of google office in Nepal.
Today we are here to removing you all the confusions regarding the google office in Nepal.

We all know that Google office started from a dorm room and the garage.  But google are now a multinational company and today Google and its branches have more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the w0rld.

We are sad to announce that there is no google office in Nepal now. We can expect that there will be office of google in Nepal in near future.

There are certain facts why there is no Google office in Nepal.

  • Nepal has a small market in the internet sector. There is no large population using google.
  • Lack of international payment gateway.
  • There are less Google product users in Nepal.
  • Google Adsense is just being used here.