Google Installs Cache Servers in Nepal

Google Installs Cache Servers in Nepal YouTube Streams Faster

Google Installs Cache Servers In Nepal YouTube Streams Faster.

Google has installed Google cache server in Nepal through Nepal Telecom Jawalakhel branch. Google cache server is helpful and will help google services and products to load faster than usual. Now we can get Youtube, Gmail, Google plus, Google Maps are much faster than the usual. These Google cache services are due to the fast speed and the reduction of the amount of bandwidth consumption. The google Cache stores the pages locally which helps to stream the videos faster.

It was initially in the testing phase for six months but now it is in full use. It came in Nepal after the continuous effort of Nepal Telecom. Finally the biggest search engine has agreed to give google cache service to Nepal.

The cache engine is dedicated network which saves Web pages and other Internet content in the local pages. This helps to speed up the download and decrease the bandwidth.

After installation of the google servers Nepal Telecom is estimated to make $200000 profit if it became able to save 1GB bandwidth.