Get Free Master Card In Nepal, How To Apply?

How To Load Balance In Payoneer Master Card From Nepal

Get Free Master Card In Nepal, How To Apply?

Do you know you can get Get Free Master Card In Nepal if you have simple knowledge. It is a great news that we can get free master card in Nepal and we can use a USD master card from Nepal as well. We can withdraw money from it from any Master Card supporting ATM stations as well. There are various sites those send free master card in Nepal through Post Box Number.

You need to simply sign in the website of the master card provider and you can easily get the master card shipped in Nepal. You should fill the form with clear and valid address of yours. The card you can use in Nepal is Payoneer Mastercard and the website you should use is You will receive the Payoneer Master card through the post box number of your area or post box office.

After you received the card you can easily activate it with depositing $29.69 in your account. Payoneer charges this charge as the annual fee of the Mastercard. You can use Master Card of Payoneer for different purposes, like for receiving money from freelancing sites, you can verify paypal account in Nepal as well. You can also use it to buy some online goods and domains in various domain hosting sites.

You can get the payoneer Master card with extra 25$ bonus if you do register from referral link of your friends. You should keep one thing in mind that you will get the $25 reward when you upload or receive $100 in your payoneer account.

You should fill your details all correct as asked in the form. You should fill your Name, House Number, Street Address, Location, City, State, Postal Code, Zip Code of your country.

You can buy goods, pay online and do online shopping from Payoneer Master Card.